Your Questions, My Answers

Q.  Why BootCAMP?


A.  Because we fit your lifestyle and accommodate all fitness levels.



Q.  What is the Peak Physique BootCAMP like?


A.  The program is a mixture of cardio and strength training using body weight, tires, battling ropes, and the terrain of the park or trail we are using.  It is an interval program to maximize fat burning.  It is self-paced and challenging with unique exercises to shock your body.



Q.   Will the instructor yell at me during BootCAMP?


A.  The instructor will motivate you and encourage you to do your best, but not yell at you like a drill sergeant.  There is no yelling and screaming.



Q.  How do you differ from other Boot Camps?


A.  Affordable programs, Flexible schedules, quality workouts, awesome instructors, and the RESULTS! RESULTS! RESULTS!



Q.  Is the bootCAMP indoors or outside?


A.  All classes are held outdoors unless it is raining or weather is too cold to be safe outside.



Q.  Do a lot of people sign up for BootCAMP classes?


A.  YES! On average we have between 8-12 campers at each workout.


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